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Rebel Brewery Co - Penryn

Penryn Pale Ale : ABV 4.3% -  It has a fruity and hoppy nose with hints of peach and lemongrass, leaving a nice mellow bitterness on the tongue. This beer perfectly compliments a Cornish cheese board. Named in honour of Penryn, the Cornish town, the home of Rebel Brewing.

Sail Ale : ABV 4.0% - This is a refreshing and light golden ale, zesty on the nose with a hint of citrus to the taste, accompanied by a clean finish. We named this beer in honour of the majestic tall ships that graced Falmouth for the Tall Ships Regatta in 2014 & the sailing traditions of the beautiful Cornish Waters.

Surf Bum : ABV 3.5% - This is a Californian-style IPA, which uses distinctive hops from some of the best surfing countries in the world, these combine to make a light hoppy beer. We named this beer as it is perfect following awesome summer surf in the Cornish sunshine.

Rebel Gold : ABV 3.8% - This is a crisp and refreshing golden ale. Zesty on the nose, with a clean finish, with a clean finish. The citrus and fruity notes make this beer an ideal accompaniment to spicy foods. We name this beer in honour of the secret twilight activities of Cornish light houses.

Bal Maiden : ABV 4.0% - This is a copper coloured session bitter with a malty flavour and sweet finish . We named in honour of our Cornish mining heritage, from the old Cornish bal (mine) and the English maiden, a Bal maiden was a female labourer.

Eighty Shilling : ABV 5.0% - This is Scottish style ale with has a roasted malt flavour balanced by a slight bitterness and a mild hop aroma. We named this beer after the traditional & controversial Scottish tax.  

Bude Brewery

Sea Pool : ABV 4.0% - A refreshing, well-hopped light golden ale. The nose is a bouquet of citrus, floral and orange notes balanced with a hint of maltiness. A distinctive mouth feel as a complex blend of fruits and zesty hoppyness, with a dry and bittersweet finish.

Black Rock : ABV 5.1% - Dark ale with fantastically creamy head, our second session beer has blackberry aromas, pronounced yet smooth malt flavours and a distinctive black olive aftertaste, brewed to 5.1% for a fuller flavour and more satisfying taste.

Summerleaze : ABV 4.7% - A full biscuit and malty flavoured ale with a deep coloured Caragold, followed by a well-balanced fruity and spicy notes as a long finish.

Haven : ABV 4.2% - Amber coloured, this easy-drinking session beer is lightly hopped with the classic combination of Cascade and Fuggles, with a New World kick from the late addition of American Chinook hops. Thirst quenching with subtle citrus fruit and elderflower flavours.

Neet : ABV 3.7% - A medium gold in colour with two malts and a little wheat for a nice malty aroma, accompanied by a blend of three hops cascade, goldings and nugget to give a bursting citrusy and floral linger that will inspire you to go back for more.

Tintagel Brewery

Castle Gold  : ABV 4.2%

This is a golden, light and hoppy session beer, which is very popular in the West Country where  it is the summer drink of choice for discerning real ale enthusiasts.

Harbour Special : ABV 4.8%

This has a dark amber hue and an initial malty flavour with a citrus after taste. The Special brew has proved very popular and is now a regular feature of Tintagel Brewery's suite of real ales.

Cornwall's Pride : ABV 4.0%

Full bodied malt flavours, light citrus tones and a rich amber colour, mark Cornwall’s Pride as a refreshing quaffing beer inspired by Tintagel itself – the home of King Arthur.

Poldark Ale : ABV 4.5%

Just like the man himself, dark and lively Poldark Ale is softly fruity  with a slightly bitter background and a robust hoppy aroma.

Arthur's Ale : ABV 4.4%

A pale brown beer combining the character of both a best bitter and a golden ale. Marmalade citrus hop on the nose leads to a powerful citrus fruit and hop bitterness in the mouth but with a distinct malt balance. Malt fades in the finish, with persistent fruity bitterness and rising dryness.

Tintagel I.P.A : ABV 5.8%

This is a tasty strong Mild, a little darker than the usual but very popular.

Holsworthy Ales

Holsworthy Original : ABV 3.8%

From the heart of the Ruby Country, a rounded session ale with a good bitterness and some fruity hoppy notes

Sun Shine : ABV 4.0%

This ale has a subtle fruity taste with a dry finish appealing to lager and real ale fans alike. It is perfect lightly chilled for days outside in the sun.

Muck 'n Straw : ABV 4.4%

A traditional English bitter using 100% English barley and hops. Muck 'n Straw has been hopped with Fuggles English hops. This gives the traditional bitter taste but with some delicate flavours in the finish.

Tamar Black  : ABV 4.8%

Tamar Black is a rich, deep roasted stout brewed with Goldings hops to give it a traditional taste but with enough bitterness to produce a balanced beer with pleasant finish. Deliberately brewed at just under 5% abv making it emminently quaffable.

Make Me Hoppy : ABV 4.7%

A rich hoppy ale.

Three hop varieties have been blended for a big hit of hoppiness.

Penpot Brewery

We serve ales from Penpot Brewery seasonally during the Autumn.

An Howl, Penpot Porter and Beast of Bodmin.

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